Synergy Care and Counseling was created to provide a safe place where individuals being served could feel heard, valued, and respected. Synergy Care and Counseling equips individuals with tools for gaining total self-acceptance—acceptance of their potential, their journey, and their personal value.


When individuals totally accept themselves, they begin to mentor others to accept themselves likewise. Which results as cadres of individuals, who understand their self-worth; who are positioned to overcome barriers and social challenges; and who possess a unique identity that does not compromise their morals and values nor SHIFT to the comfort level of others.





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Care for Clinicians

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"Passionate and Professional"

Dr. Murphy is a very passionate and professional therapist. She is nonjudgmental which makes it easy to be vulnerable. She also explains the treatment approach to make sure that you are comfortable, understood, and are following along. In addition to that she challenges and supports you in your journey to healing. I could continue to go on, but I would just say if you are looking for a great therapist look no further!  - E.D.