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Clinical Supervision

This service is designed for local interns or provisionally licensed clinical mental health counselors in need of fulfilling requirements for licensure. This role provides a unique chance to work closely with licensed professionals, gaining hands-on, supervised clinical experience while sharpening therapeutic skills.


As an intern, you'll have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Supervised by experienced clinicians, you'll receive guidance and mentorship, fostering your professional development and ensuring ethical and competent practice. This internship is a crucial stepping stone toward obtaining full licensure, offering exposure to various therapeutic modalities, client assessments, and treatment planning.


Additionally, it provides a supportive environment for ongoing learning, networking, and collaboration within the mental health community. Ultimately, this internship opportunity serves as a crucial bridge between academic training and the rewarding journey of becoming a fully licensed mental health counselor.

Please contact our office with additional questions!

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